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ESG and BUPRE are structured in three specialised divisions according to their activity:
Hardware and
hot-dip galvanised
Galvanised fasteners


Elementos de Sujeción Galvanizados (ESG) is the division within the Apellániz Group dedicated to the creation of metal fittings, specialising in two fundamental aspects: hot-dip galvanising and laser cutting.

Hot-dip galvanising, carried out in our own plant, is an essential process that gives metal fittings a protective layer of zinc, which makes them highly resistant to corrosion and gives them exceptional durability. This process guarantees a higher quality of products.

Laser cutting, on the other hand, represents excellence in precision in the manufacture of metal parts. This technology allows us to mould and shape hardware to millimetre accuracy, adapting it to our customers' most demanding specifications. Whether in the construction industry, automotive, telecommunications, electrical or any other field, laser cutting allows us to offer tailor-made solutions that meet the most rigorous demands.

Our approval by leading companies in a variety of sectors is testament to our ability to meet their exacting standards. This demonstrates our dedication to strictly following each customer's specifications, ensuring the delivery of parts that meet the highest levels of quality and precision.

Hot-dip galvanising process

In compliance with the UNE- EN ISO 1461:2010 standard, and in order to achieve maximum cleanliness throughout the process and to ensure perfect adherence of the coating, the galvanising division has the most complete technical-chemical systems that guarantee its high level of finish. The installation is equipped with a specific centrifugation area, which allows the galvanising of chains, automotive parts, tips, screws and any threaded part, however demanding it may be.

Thanks to our own LABORATORY AND QUALITY CONTROL, products are constantly monitored in the pickling area, baths and galvanised parts.